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A Nation in Crisis
Pray for America

Storm-Proof Marriage

Payday Some Day

A Blessed Hope
Dangerous Times In A Deceptive World
America Take Heed to the Lion's Roar
Escape The Coming Judgement
Refocus When Blessings Become Blunders
Assemble A Right Christmas
The Gift Of God
God's Christmas Tree
What's In A Name?
Special Guest - James Scott
Where are the other nine - Thanksgiving message
From a Blessed America to a Blundering America
Going Back To Calvary
The Blood That Flowed Through Emmanuel's Vein
Message of encouragement in troubled times
When The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
The Tale Of Two Souls
A Man or Woman that God can use
Jesus - The Only Way
The Portrait Of A Powerful Church
Faulty Feelings and a Doctor's Diagnosis
Turn Tears into Telescopes
Your Money, Your Master, Your Mission
Plugged In part 1
Plugged in Part 2
The Devil Is In The Calendar Business
The Casting Of A Shadow
4th of July Message
A Simple Gospel
A Tsunami Is Coming: part 2
Warning! A Tsunami Is Coming
Memorial Day Message
Let the Fire Fall
A Place of Rest
Hard of Listening
Your Body is Not Your Own
The True Meaning of the Cross
Easter 2020
Ready or not, Here I come
Rightly Dividing The Word Of God
God of the Hills and Valleys
A Rude Awakening
God's Righteousness To Judge
Living a Lie
Biblical Love
Almost Saved, is not Saved
A Toothless Racket
A Farmer's Hope
Who Cares?
The Reject
Introduction to Revelation
Walking by Faith
Study of Revelation 5 & 6
Is any thing to hard for God
Overcoming Fear
Raising Godly Children
Study of Revelation Ch 8
Feeling the effects of sin

Revival 2020 - Bill Blair

Revival - October 2019

Brother Dean Cook

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